If you can help people you should! 

Hello, my name is Alan Smart, I help people overcome problems and issues that are holding them back, I do this through Hypnosis, I've been helping people for a long time, I get so much enjoyment from changing someone's life and enjoy working with all types of people, there isn't a typical hypnosis client.


Hypnosis can get to the root of an issue or a self-limiting belief quickly and effectively, whether it's anxiety, phobia, weight-loss, chronic pain, insomnia, smoking, alcohol, grief, or any other issues that stop people from getting on in life and living to their true potential.

There are so many issues that hypnosis can help with, some of these issues have been traditionally tackled by other means, however, sometimes someone who has never tried hypnosis can be surprised with the results, hypnosis can be the difference that makes the difference, it's not important to understand exactly how hypnosis works, the priority is the solution to the client's problem.

Online sessions work just as well as live face to face sessions, call for a free consultation today.