Hypnotherapy TREATMENTS

Anxiety - Anxiety is a response your body is giving you in relation to something else, it's like an alarm going off in your body to let you know that something isn't right, it's there to alert you, and to keep you safe believe it or not, Hypnotherapy is very effective in treating your relationship with anxiety and to take away or lessen those feelings associated with Anxiety & Worry.

Grief & Bereavement - Grief is a very personal thing to deal with and it's different for everybody, nobody's two journeys are the same, sometimes we are overwhelmed by grief, we can find it hard to get some sort of closure or make sense of whats happened, Hypnosis can provide a sense of acceptance, clarity and also deliver comfort.

Insomnia - Are you waking up during the night and unable to get back to sleep? Does this cause low energy during your day? Do you struggle to get to sleep to start with? Hypnosis can really help, what would a good nights sleep feel like?

Phobias - A phobia is a learned fear, a fear that has been amplified through time, these phobias can be unlearned and allow people to experience wonderful freedom from their phobia, from flying, spiders, balloons, etc, it doesn't matter what the fear is, it can be treated.

Stop Smoking - Smoking is a habit, not an addiction, if someone is serious about stopping for the right reasons then we can work together for change, Hypnotherapy has helped thousands of people kick the habit for good, also to save money, live longer, spend more time with family, and lead a much healthier life, if you're serious about stopping then nothing can stop you once your sub-conscious mind is on-board.

Weight-Loss - Do you struggle on yo-yo diets? Does this really affect your thoughts and moods? Hypnotherapy can change the relationship between emotions and food, and work towards a different mindset around your lifestyle, the effects can be transformational and highly rewarding, how well do you want to look?

Trauma - A lot of people can be debilitated by trauma, life can be frozen for periods of time due to trauma, Hypnotherapy can't change the past, however, it can change the relationship you have with how you feel about the trauma as it presents itself today, and the difference can be life-changing.

Chronic Pain - Pain that is associated with conditions such as Fibromyalgia and others can be lessened greatly through Hypnosis, to such a point that people can start to live a life without this pain constantly in their life, how would it feel to be able to turn that pain down?